Friday, September 5, 2008

Resurrecting Congressman John Hall Blog

Much Like Disgraced Sue Kelly, John Hall Spends A LOT of Time In Warwick.
For those keeping up on politics in District 19 here in New York, you are familiar with my now defunct Congressman John Hall blog here on Blogger. In a behind closed door deal made through Susan Shapiro I was convinced to take said blog down as it was creating a problem for John Hall. I agreed to take it down when John Hall made certain promises (or so I was led to believe) which have not been kept.

Now, some might percieve such a deal as Congressman John Hall holding out his support and assistance for a this case, the price was the dismantling of my blog which does in some way amount to selling his position and power for a price, offering his help in exchange for something of value to him as a member of Congress. From my perspective, I would not argue with your conclusion, but at the time (September 2007) we needed John Hall's help to close down Indian Point, and I believed him a man of his word, so was fine with taking down the blog. I was sadly mistaken, and do apologize for not maintaining my vigilence where his congressional career is concerned. Putting it mildly, he has sorely dissappointed almost everyone in the Grassroots here in District 19, and in this election year he is sadly the odds on favorite to get re-elected.

One of the BIG reasons the grassroots supported him, was his stand on Indian Point, his pledge to do everything in his power to shut down Indian Point. We believed this former rocker, took him at his word...even before he'd delivered his victory speech (which I was at) he sold us out, racing off to spend a few minutes with his newly found Orange County Hasidic Jew friends before being wisked off by some big burly body guards who huddled around him while he talked on his cell phone behind curtains in the front room of the hall. We knew then that he would not be taking the grassroots who got him elected to Washington with him, and knew deep down in our hearts he would betray us, and we were right.

Well, that was then, and this is now, and the time has come to start tracking this mans career like a hound on a that fashion, we can have the necessary tools and information to defeat him in 2010.

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