Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open Letter To Snake Tongued John Hall

Dear John Hall:

Could you share with us, your constituents what it feels like to be a member of a do nothing Congress? What's it feel like to take campaign contributions from groups that actually support the relicensing of Indian Point? Have you no pride, no principles left? Why are you and Congress letting E verify die? Have you bought into the National Chamber of Commerce's belief that its OK to eliminate our Middle Class jobs, it's OK to lower our wages in the name of corporate bottom line profits funneled into the hands of the UBER RICH, and the Corporate Elites on the board of directors of these modern day Robber Baron companies?

We don't support the bailout, do not want you voting for it, as it includes NOTHING for the Middle Class. Some basic facts...the mortgage crisis, the crumbling of Wall Street has wiped out every cent of my house's equity, I right now am at a break even point at best, close to being one of those UPSIDE DOWN MORTGAGES where I owe more than the house is worth...even if I wanted to bail I can't, as houses are not selling right now, even at bargain basement prices. Our retirement nest egg has taken a BLOOD BATH, and this bailout is NOT GOING TO GET US THAT MONEY LOSS BACK. In fact, what is going to happen, is we'll be paying more taxes. Simply stated, let Wall Street crash...maybe that would WAKE UP THE UBER RICH AND POWERFUL.

Instead, let us have a Middle Class Bailout.

1. Nationalize all mortgages for FIRST HOMES, let normal citizens have access to theh same super discounted interests rates that the UBER WEALTHY have access to. I'd love that 3 or 4 percent interest rate that banks and big corporations get access to. The interest collected on these millions of loans could be used to reduce our National Debt, start paying off what we owe to the world so that we as a nation get out of the interest trap where the taxes we pay up through the end of April are used for nothing more than INTEREST PAYMENTS.

2. Deal with the Illegal Alien problem, and that DOES NOT MEAN AMNESTY, DOES NOT MEAN A GUEST WORKER PROGRAM...hello, we have had 600,000 people LOSE THEIR JOBS this year alone, yet you people want to LET MORE PEOPLE IN, want to let ILLEGAL ALIENS stay here, continuing to drive down our wages to the tune of almost a quarter of a trillion dollars a year!

A) Build our fence.
B) Make it a mandatory prison sentence for all corporate officers and managers of a company caught hiring Illegal Aliens, and revoke their license to conduct business.
C) Using work and home place raids, identify and begin deporting ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS.
D) Renew E-Verify, and make it MANDATORY that ALL COMPANIES use it to verify all hires, not just new ones.
E) Put a five year hold ON ALL WORK VISAS.

3) Get rid of George W. Bush's tax cuts...we are in a recession, close to a depression. Nobody likes higher taxes, but if we do not start paying down our National Debt, it is only a matter of time before America as a nation, as a government will have to declare bankrupcy.

4) The time has come to REBUILD America's industrial infrastructure...we cannot compete with China and Taiwan when our manufacturing infrastructure in many cases is over 100 years old.

5) If the bailout of Wall Street takes place, as a symbol of change, there can be no Golden Parachutes. Secondly, there is to be NO BAILOUT of International or Foreign Banks and companies...IE, HSBC.

You have no serious competition in this election...that is sad, as you so far in your first two years have DONE NOTHING for your constituents, and do not deserve the title we gave you. Stop running with the back, stop being a yes man for Pelosi and Corporate America.


Sherwood Martinelli

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