Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John Hall, Where Do You Stand On Border Fence and Illegal Aliens

In 2008 hard working American citizens have lost over 600,000 jobs while our elected officials in Washington, DC continue to allow over one million illegal aliens a year to flood across our southern border with Mexico. It is estimated that over 20 million illegal aliens and their 4 million plus anchor babies are now in America with over half of that total working in jobs that rightfully belong to American citizens.

In 2006 John Hall has a cuddle them and love them approach to illegal aliens, getting elected on a FALSE PROMISE of closing down Indian Point. As a constituent, as one who sadly helped John Hall get elected, I ask you, "What is your position on illegal aliens who are stealing our jobs, depressing our wages, and ruining our neighborhoods here in District 19? Are you still supporting the supposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform that would give 20 million illegal aliens AMNESTY?

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